End Point Assessment


As part of the government reforms, new Apprenticeship Standards are being developed to replace existing Apprenticeship Frameworks. The new ‘Standards’ are developed by employers to reflect the skills they need in their business, whilst requiring individuals’ to demonstrate they have met rigorous industry standards.

There are two main stages to completing an Apprenticeship Standard.

On Programme Stage

This is the stage where, with support from your employer and often an external Training Provider you will develop the skills and knowledge you need to meet the Standard. This is likely to include work experience and specific activities with your employer, and may also involve you completing a formal qualification.

Once you have developed you skills and knowledge you will reach a point where you, your employer and your Training Provider agree you are ready to begin the final assessment stage. This is called the Gateway. 

Apprenticeship End Point Assessment

End Point Assessment is the final stage in completing your Apprenticeship Programme. The activities you are required to undertake for the assessment will vary dependent on the Standard. 

Currently Further Training offers End Point Assessment for the Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship and Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor . The assessment activities for this will include

·        Completion and presentation of a work based project (Level 5 Only)

·        Knowledge tests based on various management principles and techniques

·        An assessment of evidence collected for your day to day work

·        A panel interview with an Assessor and your employer

When you demonstrate you meet the required standard you will be complete your Apprenticeship and be formally certificated.

Starting the Process

It is important that you discuss with your employer and Training Provider the progress you are making in your Apprenticeship and jointly agree that you have reached the stage where you can undertake the End Point Assessment.

Reserving An Assessment

To begin to arrange your Assessment simply complete our Assessment Request Form. This reserves your Assessment, so you can be sure that you can complete your programme. You can reserve your Assessment at the start of your training programme, allowing plenty of time to prepare and plan your work. Even though you have reserved your Assessment, you can make changes at any time. 

Pre-Assessment Support

Once you have reserved your Assessment, we provide you with a range of materials to help you prepare, and to ensure you know what to expect.

Planning The Assessment

As you get nearer to the end of your training, our Assessment Team will contact you and your employer to agree dates for your assessment. At this point we will also check that you have completed the required parts of your Apprenticeship training and are ready for the final stage. 

if you have any questions you can contact us at epa@furthertraining.co.uk or call 0845 600 6690.


The actual costs for the End Point Assessment will vary dependant on the type of assessment activities required and also the time involved in reviewing and assessing your evidence.

Assessment costs start from £650 where we complete multiple Apprentice assessments. The final cost of each assessment will be confirmed once we confirm assessment activities and location with your employer and Training Provider.

Your Training Provider or employer will meet these costs out of the government funding they receive to pay for your apprenticeship. You will not be required to contribute to these costs. 

To begin the process, complete our Assessment Request Form