EPA Assessment Opportunities

Assessment Offer

Further Training listed is on the Register of Apprenticeship End Pont Assessment Organisations to provide EPA for Operations/Departmental Manager Standard (level 5).

As part of our developing EPA offer, we anticipate adding Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3), Business Administrator (Level 3) and Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2) in the coming months.

To support this, we are looking to develop a team of freelance EPA Assessors to conduct assessment activity on our behalf.

Key elements of the role will include

·        Providing pre-assessment guidance to Apprentices and employers to effectively plan assessment activity.

·        Reviewing Apprentice progression evidence from the On-Programme stage of their programme, to ensure they meet the specific Gateway requirements of their chosen Apprenticeship Standard.  

·        Undertaking summative assessment both remotely and at employers premise based on the requirement of the specific Apprenticeship Assessment Plan.

·        Make final assessment and grading decisions, providing constructive feedback and recording the assessment outcomes.


Further details are available below. Interest individuals should complete the application below and submit to epa@furthertraining.co.uk.