Lead Assessor / IQA Post

Aim of Role

The Lead Assessor/IQA will work directly with the Accredited Awards Manager to improve the quality of learning programmes and thus enhancing the experience of and outcomes for Learners.

Key Responsibilities

To carry out actions that directly improve the following, when delivered by Further Training Assessors/tutors across all of the provision.

·        The outcomes achieved by learners. This is further described by the targets set for each learner according to the  

         learning programme and in line with the Individual Learning Plan.

·        To ensure learners progress well, achieve on time and exceed standards expected. 

·        To ensure learners exceed their specific stretch targets for qualification achievement, attainment and progression.

Main Duties

Carry out Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice, supporting and guidance to the Further team

  1. Monitoring of documentation, information and other resources provided to the assessors/tutors and learners. This will be through both paper based and e portfolio.
  2. Observation of assessors/tutors
  3. Sampling assessment plans and candidate induction
  4. Discussion with candidates and witnesses
  5. Monitoring the quality of assessment decisions
  6. Monitoring assessment record keeping, learner needs and progress reviews
  7. Taking part in standardisation processes and activities

Personal Attributes

  1. To be professional at all times whilst representing Further/ BCTG.
  2. Possess excellent communication and listening skills.
  3. Be responsive to team members and all Further/BCTG staff
  4. Be able to work comfortably with learners and employers on all levels with a variety of personalities.
  5. Ensure timely and effective communication with the assessors/tutors to support excellent outcomes for learners.
  6. To undertake any additional activities that will benefit the company.
  7. To ensure that all actions contribute towards creating a safe, healthy & productive working environment. 



The post holder will report to the Accredited Awards Manager on a day to day basis and ultimately to the Group Operations Manager. Due to the nature of the role, the post holder will need to work flexibly and on occasion outside of normal office hours.

Closing Date for Applications: 17th August 2018

Interview Dates: 23rd August 2018

Please contact Kate Gough for further details: