About us

Originally established in 1993, Further Training has over thirty years’ experience of providing high quality, tailored, leadership and management training, for SME’s and large employers nationally.

We’re different from many other Training Providers. Our skilled Trainers, Workplace Coaches, each run their own business, so understand the demands of the real world.

As practicing managers we still deal with everyday challenges, and use this experience to offer our customers genuinely practical skills, packaged with useful, not just theoretical knowledge that you can use from day one.

As a business, we know where our strengths lie. We chose to offer only a specific range of Management, Leadership and Trainer Training qualifications - the ones we know we can deliver well, the ones that deliver value for you.


Fee Paying Versus Funded Training

Yes, there is a plethora of Government Funded Training, Apprenticeships and Grant Funded Courses available at minimal cost.

On face value these may seem attractive, and often the ‘sales pitch’ promises to solve all your problems at a stroke.

But the reality is that this funding comes with a raft of criteria, conditions, and mandatory course content you don’t need or want. Often the specific qualification or the skill set you require isn’t supported by Government Funding, so you end up choosing a course which doesn’t really fit your needs anyway!

The hard truth is that achievement rates for Government Funded Training is low nationally, with many learners simply dropping out because the course isn’t relevant or offers little value to them or their business.

We take a more honest approach. We provide our courses and qualifications on a commercial basis, as we believe, that for you, our customers, this offers the best choice, value, and greatest impact for your business.

Our programmes, all accredited by City & Guilds or the Institute of Leadership of Management (ILM), allow you to choose the specific mix of units and content you and your business needs.

And our fees are competitive, transparent, and inclusive of all course materials and accreditation, so no hidden costs.

Our Mission is to - Help You Go Further

Support when you need it

From getting started to right through to final certification, we’re here to support you through the whole process, ensuring you and your business prosper.

A tailored approach with you in mind. 

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