End Point Assessment

What is an End-point Assessment?

An End-point Assessment is the final and achievement part of an Apprenticeship Standard. Rather than just having one final exam, there are multiple assessment methods which make up the End-point Assessment. Methods vary depending on the Standard, but examples of these include the following:

Online Knowledge Tests – choosing from Multiple Choice Questions.

  • Interviews
  • Professional Discussions
  • Observations
  • Witness Testimonies
  • Presentations

Each Apprenticeship Standard has its own ‘Assessment Plan’ which has been designed by a group of employers that specialise in the sector the Apprenticeship falls into. These groups are known as Trailblazers.

All assessment methods set by the Trailblazers and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, are designed for apprentices to demonstrate what they have learned, how they have applied it and test the apprentice is competent in their occupation.

The cost of the End-point Assessment is covered by the employer and is included in the apprenticeship agreement price with the training organisation. Costs for End-point Assessments vary depending on the Standard being assessed and the EPAO carrying out the assessments.

What is an Apprenticeship Standard?

Apprenticeship Standards are a set list of requirements relating to industry job roles and are made up of a list of knowledge, skills and behaviour criteria the apprentice must be able to meet to be competent in their role and pass their End-point Assessment.

The Training Provider will create their own learning programmes with a full curriculum of activities whilst the apprentice is training on programme based on the requirements of the Standard.

What is an EPAO?

An EPAO is an End-Point Assessment Organisation that has been approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and the External Quality Assurance Provider (EQAP) to carry out End-point Assessments.

EPAO’s are independent to training providers delivering the on-programme training.

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